Monday, March 8, 2010

Why We Make SharePoint Work

This is the blog for my company, Avitiva, Inc.. We are a group of consultants that are very passionate about SharePoint and making it work. We are especially passionate when it comes to using SharePoint as a Business Intelligence (BI) tool, as a tool to standardize repeated processes and as a platform for making existing knowledge, data, measurements accessible as information to all intended users.

We’ve been working with SharePoint since its first release in 2001 and the experience with four versions (including 2010), has given us a pretty good tool set to understand how to make SharePoint work, how to make SharePoint supportable, how to do crazy things with the out-of-box (OOB) features (intended or not) and how to envision the trajectory on which SharePoint is traveling.

This blog is intended to be our notes on the SharePoint, BI, SQL Server experiences we have. We captured some of these in the SharePoint 2007 Bible published by Wiley press (and now available in Chinese), but intend for this blog to be a more immediate way to communicate what we are playing with and learning.


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